5 Effective eBay Upselling Tips You Can Try Today

eBay up-selling is a common strategy for eBay sellers who want to earn more from individual transactions.
If you haven’t tried it before, now’s your time to put your convincing skills to work
Today we show you some ways on how to do it…
Before we show you various eBay up selling strategies, you must first know how to differentiate it from cross selling. Cross-selling means selling complimentary items. This is similar to the combo meals you can find in fast food chains such as McDonald’s. So, eBay up-selling is done selling items at a higher cost than the customer’s planned purchase.
Distinguish your customers
If you’ve been selling on eBay for quite some time now, you must already have an idea of what the majority of your customers like. The ability to read your customers wants and needs must be as easy as 1-2-3 now. Seasoned eBay sellers are able to know what to offer their potential buyers before they check out. This is done through a careful study from months to years of experience. eBay sellers study the commonalities that exist between his customers and their demands. Customers from a specific age group may lean towards purchasing items that others outside their age group will not. Many factors contribute to a sale and an eBay seller who gears towards the top seller status can achieve this. Some of the main factors include the retail and wholesale settings:
  • Wholesale Setting
Seasoned sellers have once been curious about their wholesale customers. They have, at one point, asked themselves why their customers need a large amount of a specific item. You can do this too by connecting with your customer via email. Offering help to make their purchase more convenient is good, too. At this point, you may then offer other high priced items that suit their needs more.
  • Retail Setting
Figuring out what potential buyers want is a tricky one. It’s because the seller will only know the specific needs of his customers when they make inquiries or place their orders. Again, the best way to go about is via email.
Let your customers themselves discover the need for the item being upsold
If you’re not the type of seller who likes emailing, you can always make it happen within your eBay store. Let your potential customers discover the products you’re upselling by making sure they appear in the top of the listings.
Select which products you want to upsell
Pick out the items in your eBay store which deserve to be upsold. You wouldn’t want to upsell an item irrelevant to your customer’s purchase, would you? Say, if your customer purchases a brand new iPhone from your eBay store. Would it be relevant to recommend a car stereo? Your customer would find it uncanny, believe us. They will be quick to assume that you have excess back stock you want to get rid of. Always remember that when making offers, relevance must be your #1 priority, not sales.
Here are some other factors you should consider when upselling:
  • Features
Upsell a product that has better features than the cheaper variant your customer plans to buy. Let’s say your customer picked out a Bluetooth speaker. Try and upsell a similar Bluetooth speaker packed with better features. With better features comes a heftier price, so try to convince your customer to buy the better option. In the wholesale setting, encourage your customers to buy a bulk with different-sized items.
  • Quality
Added features are nothing if the product isn’t of high quality. Never upsell an item that can do more but can’t last long. Not only will it return negative feedbacks, but it can become your eBay store’s red flag as well.
  • Options
Upsell items together with other items for different needs. Let’s say you’re selling professional cameras together with different lenses. You can create listings of the same camera model with different combinations of lenses. By doing this, you’re narrowing down which lenses sell best with your customers. This technique not only helps you get rid of back stock but answers your customers’ needs as well.
  • Resolution
Act as your customers’ problem solver by making your listings good enough to answer the problem that may arise. Let’s say you’re selling battery operated racing car toys. Buying the toy would mean that your customer will have to find another listing for batteries. They may even need to visit a convenience store that sells the kind of batteries the toy uses if it’s cheaper. Eliminate this problem by offering them what they will be needing. Other eBay sellers might be selling the same toy, but they won’t offer the same convenience.
Choose an upselling strategy
Decide whether to offer your items to be upsold in print or digital form. Printed are often perceived to be higher in value. You can distribute physical printouts by including them on your eBay packages. This will encourage return customers as well.
If you opt for the digital format, you can upsell an item in two ways. Through emails or through your eBay store’s highlighted listings. When it comes to upselling via email, don’t sound pushy or desperate to sell a higher priced item. As mentioned earlier, practice relevance when upselling. Never try to upsell something irrelevant to what your potential buyer wants to buy or is interested in. For highlighted listings, make sure to describe all the features of each product. Make a checklist of the advantages of upgrading from one product to another. Again, relevance is key to upselling.
Ensure repeat customers
Aside from getting rid of your back stock, you must ensure returning customers. Remember that returning customers contribute to every eBay top seller’s success. Along with the strategies mentioned above, there are 2 more you need to master. Anticipating rejection and enhancing customer experience.
  • Anticipating rejection
Let’s face it. Not every attempt at upselling is a successful one. Upselling is ineffective to some customers while some give in easily. It’s hard not to be disappointed when customers reject your attempts of upselling. Remedy this by trying other upselling techniques such as AB Tests. This way you’ll have higher chances of returns than rejects.
  • Enhancing customer experience
Hearing from an eBay seller before and after a sale is an uncommon yet effective way for persuasion. A customer can feel more inclined to buy when he sees that the seller is genuinely excited to have him as a customer. It’s made even more pleasant when an eBay seller checks in on the sale. Sometimes to ask if the customer’s satisfaction with this item. Sellers can benefit from this by making upselling hints throughout the conversation. Not only will this persuade delighted customers to give in to the upsell. This will also help recommend the eBay seller to others as well.
Upselling is another way to boost your eBay income. It may also help you gain more returning customers if you offer them the convenience other sellers can’t give. Add as much value to your listings and your customer’s needs as best as you can. In no time, your listings will top the search results and earn you positive feedbacks in no time!
Do you have any tried and tested eBay upselling tips? If you do, please feel free to share it in a comment below. For more eBay upselling tips and tricks, please visit our blog today.
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