How to Setup Your Rival Ripper Account

This is a tutorial on how to your Rival Ripper account, connect your account to eBay, and review your eBay listings, orders, messages, and competition.

Login to Your Account

Login to your account at When you sign up, we have an onboarding process that walks you through many of these steps when you first login. This tutorial will show you how to access all the same pages again in case you need to change any settings.

Setting Up Your eBay Policies

If you do not have your eBay Policies setup you can set them up on eBay under Account > Business Policies. eBay is requiring users to opt-in to this practice.

TIP: Setting up your business policies will also make it easier to change your policies in the future without editing all your listings individually. You just change your policy and you’re done.

eBay Accounts Page Tutorial

eBay Business Policies Screen

This is where you would add or edit your shipping, return and payment policies for eBay.

eBay Business Polcies Account

Rival Ripper Business Policies Profiles

If you see an alert that says:

“ALERT: Before adding a new listing using Rival Ripper, you must be opted in to eBay Business Policy Management. You can read about how to opt-in here.”

You can add or edit your shipping, return and payment policies for eBay within Rival Ripper as well.


Rival Ripper Business Policies Profiles

This is what it should look like when you’re adding a Policy Profile.


Rival Ripper Business Policies Profiles

This is what it should look like if you already have several eBay Policies setup.



Get Familiar with the Navigation Menu

On the left side of the screen are the application’s main menu icons. The first icon we want to pay attention to is the “Settings” icon. It looks like a gear. To setup a connection to eBay, we want to hover and click “Settings -> Connections”


Connecting to eBay with Rival Ripper

You will be presented with a screen that displays your eBay connection status. If you are already connected to eBay, it will show the expiration date of your token with eBay. “Revoking” your eBay token disconnects Rival Ripper from your eBay account. eBay connections do not last forever. You will have to revoke and re-connect your token about once or twice per year.

When you click “CONNECT TO EBAY”, you will be taken to eBay to sign in and eBay will return you to Rival Ripper. Once you are connected, the system will start pulling in your eBay data. This typically finishes in a minute or two.


Your eBay Listings Page

Next, you will want to check out your eBay listings (click the GAVEL icon in the top left). Depending on how many listings you have, it may take a minute or two for the system to import them all.



On this page you will see the following columns…

Photo: The photo is your listings main eBay photo. Clicking the photo will take you to  your public listing.

Title: The title is the title of your listing. By clicking the link, you can view your public listing. The pencil below the listing allows you to revise the listing.

Price Ripper: This tool lets you spy on your competition and see where you are priced. There are a number of settings you can filter by including condition, category, and listing type.

Price: The price is your current listing price. You can edit this right on the page by clicking the price. It will update on eBay immediately and your ROI and PROFIT will update automatically.

Profit & ROI: This is the calculated profit and return on investment if you sell your item. For this feature to work accurately, you need to enter in a “cost” by clicking the “progress” button. You can also import your costs in bulk by clicking the blue “Import” button at the top of the page. Each profit and ROI calculation uses the product “cost” that you entered for the item and adds all the eBay, PayPal, and shipping fees. We explain this in more detail below.

Sold: This is how many times your listing has sold.

Progress: This button will bring up a pop-up window that will allow you to enter or change the following information:

  • SKU – To run a successfully eBay business you need great tracking. Enter a SKU for your product.
  • Cost – Enter the cost of your item. Do not include eBay or Paypal or shipping fees. We do this automatically by using the selections on your Settings page.

Inventory: This is your current inventory level that you entered into eBay. You can “Revise” your listing and update the inventory by simply clicking the icon. You can also make additional changes to the listing by clicking the icons below the “Title” link.

How is Profit & Return on Investment (ROI) Calculated?

The profit calculation by default takes into account standard eBay fees, Paypal fees, and shipping costs to give you a baseline of your eBay listing costs. The percentages and totals being used can be updated to reflect your own exact costs. The settings are found by clicking the navigation: Settings > Global Settings.



Additional Tutorials, Features, and Links

We have a brief tutorial overview available during the on-boarding process when you sign up. If you have already signed up and would like to revisit that page, you can go here. Note that the on-boarding process automatically detects what step you are on so if you have not gone through all the steps yet, the link above will auto-redirect you to the correct step to proceed.

Rival/Ripper Walkthrough & Tutorial System

Rival Ripper has a tutorial system built in to it’s interface. At the top of every page is a “Need a Tutorial?” link. By clicking the link, you will be given a step-by-step walkthrough of the features on that page.


Price/Ripper: Spy On Your Competition with our eBay Pricing Tools

By far the most powerful tool on our system is the Price Ripper. It allows you to enter a keyword for your product and search eBay for your competition. You can see your potential profit margin instantly at each price point. You can price match and/or beat your competition with a single click.


Price/Ripper: eBay Pricing Tools Integrated With Your Listings

On your listings page, you can visually see where you stand against your competition. Are you priced too high or too low or somewhere in the sweet spot? The blue line on the graphic is your price. Red is competition priced below your set costs and green is the profit area you have to work with.


Rival/Ripper Slim Messenger for eBay

eBay’s messenger is garbled with a mess of HTML code, buttons and unnecessary information. Our system extracts the actual message out from the mess and shows you the entire history with a buyer. It works just like messengers you are familiar with like TXTing on your phone or Facebook or Skype. Stop wasting time trying to track down messages from buyers and use our SLIM MESSENGER. You can also save common responses as “Canned Answers” and re-use them with one click.


Rival/Ripper eBay Order Management System

Rival Ripper order management allows you to track ongoing issues on your orders. It automatically links orders up with any conversations you have with your buyers and visually shows this with clear RED and PINK colors. This helps prevent mistakes by you or your employees and saves you time and money.


Many More Features …

We could spend all day explaining every feature. That is why we built are custom tutorial system. So login and browse around the interface. A tutorial for each feature is just a single click away at the top of the screen. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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