How to Make eBay Selling Easier with eBay Watch List

Has your eBay profits been in a slump lately?
Don’t you sometimes wish you could see how others
Here’s a peek into eBay’s Watch List feature that does just that…
“Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs – Henry Ford”
If there’s anything competition is good at producing, it’s businesses and more cost. Although these aspects are inevitable, there are plenty of available solutions. Among these solutions is eBay’s Watch List feature. This feature benefits sellers who want to know a product’s marketability. Is this product trending this year? Are buyers looking for this particular item? Those are just some of the questions that this feature answers. Another highlight of the eBay Watch List is its ability to help buyers with auctions. eBay auction items gain popularity when the buyers eyeing them increase. Using the eBay Watch List feature, bidders can spy on auctions without adding to its traffic. The act allows them to get higher chances of winning the item.
eBay Watch List’s role in the eBay market
As mentioned earlier, the eBay Watch List feature helps sellers predict product trends. It tells them which product is selling like hotcakes and the best time to sell them. Carelessly selling items is the common mistake of a good number of sellers. They sell items that have no promising profit or value. It’s even a bigger mistake for sellers to ignore the current demand for their items. eBay’s Watch List’s goal is to prevent that by informing sellers of their options. These options are based on product search hits as well as product sales.
eBay Watch List User Benefits
Both eBay sellers and buyers benefit greatly from this feature. Among these benefits include the following:
  • eBay sellers can see which auction item has steady and increasing interest
  • eBay users can track not just auctions, but searches as well
  • Lets sellers see their competitors’ listings and the amount they’re being sold for
  • Helps sellers get higher bids for items by letting them run and track individual auctions in several categories. Through this, sellers can check which category can sell their items better
  • When items are added to the watch list, it eliminates the need for users to come looking for those items again. All they need to do is visit their “My eBay” page, find the item, and check its status along with its current bids. It’s as easy as that!
  • Gives sellers advice on whether to cancel or end an auction
  • Notifies sellers if an auction they’re watching is pending closure. Watch List does this by sending the seller an email to inform them of the impending closure
  • The Watch List feature is available on the eBay mobile app
The eBay Watch List benefits both sellers and buyers. This makes the feature worth using and helpful as well.
eBay Watch List Seller Limitations
Like any feature, eBay’s Watch List has a few limitations of its own. Here are some of the most common limitations experienced by sellers:
  • There are no other automated ways to check for listings being watched. If users don’t check their mail or their My eBay page, they won’t be able check
  • Buyers won’t know how many more other potential buyers have added the item to their watch list
  • Watching a particular auction item won’t guarantee you’ll win it
  • The feature won’t bid for you
  • The feature won’t automatically pay for you
Adding listings or auctions to your eBay Watch List
To add eBay auction items and listings to your eBay Watch List, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the listing or auction page you would like to watch
  1. Click the “Add to Watch List” button located below the “Place Bid” and “Buy it Now” buttons.
Saving searches with the eBay Watch List
To save your eBay item searches, follow these steps:
  1. Select “Customize View” located at the top-right section of the search results page
  1. Click “Item Information”
  1. Select “Watch This Item Link”
  1. Click “Apply Changes”
Why should you use eBay Watch List in the first place?
One, it’s FREE!
Two, it’s handy for buyers and sellers alike.
Three, it helps eBay sellers make good business decisions. Why would any seller risk opening a listing that’s bound to fail? Especially when he can see others’ mistakes through eBay Watch List. eBay sellers can make proper research on product trends before they start selling. They can also determine the lowest and highest price a specific item is being sold for. Not only can eBay sellers watch the rise and fall of product demands, but their competition as well. eBay Watch List helps them avoid unnecessary business decisions based on others’ performance.
eBay Watch List also has something in store  for buyers, especially auction bidders. By choosing to use eBay Watch List, buyers will have better chances of winning auctions. Bidders will know how high the stakes are for an item he plans to bid on without adding to the attention. They will also know if an auction has closed as well as the price the highest bidder has bid.
The eBay Watch List is a handy way of dealing with auction items and listings you’re set on winning. Its watching feature benefits both buyers and sellers without any added cost. In the long run, using this kind of feature will not guarantee you with wins, but more profit as well. If you feel the need to maximize your use of the eBay Watch List further. Pair it with a good eBay software that tracks more aspects of your eBay business. There’s a limited amount of eBay tracking software in the market that actually works. And of them is Rival Ripper. Know more about this software made by eBay sellers for eBay sellers by reading all about it here.
Are you excited to try any of these eBay watch list tips out? If you have applied these techniques, we would love to hear about it! Please feel free to share your experience in a comment below. For more eBay tips for sellers, please visit our blog today.
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