How to Use eBay Analytics in 8 Easy Steps

eBay Analytics has helped thousands of eBay businesses each year
Today, it can help yours, too!
Here’s the step-by-step procedures for using it…
Most eBay sellers everywhere aim for one thing. This is to turn their eBay listings into superstars. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen with a few clicks. It requires strategies and software that keeps and tracks everything in one place. eBay assists sellers with this matter by introducing eBay Analytics. This app eliminates the need for sellers to guess what they’re doing wrong. This is possible through the feature’s selling manager stats display. The needed adjustments are displayed as well. Made with Terapeak, eBay offers the eBay Analytics app at the website’s App Center.
eBay Analytics in a nutshell :
eBay Analytics, also known as Listing Analytics, is an app designed to empower eBay sellers. This powerful app showcases features that answers any concern the seller may have about the store’s statistics. Here are some of the best insights eBay Analytics offers:
  • Which among your eBay listings are the best performers in the bunch
  • Where your eBay listings appear during product searches
  • Charted performance data over specific times
  • How many people have looked through and seen your eBay listings
  • Your eBay competitors’ standing in the metric
What’s even better about this app is that it’s FREE! You read it right, this app is free for use for every eBay seller out there. This app is complete with charts, graphs, and other means of data presentation. These charts are all accessable in one app.
Getting started with eBay Analytics :
Now that you have an idea of what eBay Analytics is for, it’s time you learn how to use it. Here’s how to activate the app for the first time:
  • Open your “My eBay” page.
  • Click on the Applications tab.
  • Visit the “Featured Apps” section and select “See All”. This option is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Type “Listing Analytics” on the search box and hit the “Search” button.
  • Once the Listing Analytics app appears in the results, click the “Get it Free” button.
  • You will be directed to the Terms and Agreements box. Click the box to accept the terms and agreements.
  • Click the “Confirm Subscription” button to complete the initial setup.
After following the steps for activating the app, you may be able to see the eBay Analytics app on your My eBay Area. All that’s left to do is discover the wonders it can create for your eBay business.
Apps to pair with eBay Analytics :
If you think the eBay Analytics app is not enough for you, seek the help of other software. The type of software you need must complement the features that eBay Analytics has. For example, here are some of the softwares you might consider getting:
  • Terapeak
This famous software is best known for its ability to provide detailed results. Terapeak lets you know the best items to sell in specific categories. An item’s regional and national success rates are other aspects this software can track. With this kind of software, you don’t have to predict when and how to boost your eBay listings.
  • Rival Ripper
Made by eBay sellers for eBay sellers, this software is created to push you to become an eBay power seller. For sellers who have achieved that status, this software can maximize all potential sales. Rival Ripper is a solution to eBay sellers who want better quality features and savings. Equipped with an intuitive dashboard and helpful features, Rival Ripper blends usability with profitability. Its notable features include bulk editing listings, competition price ripping, order tracking, photo organization, and dependable buyer messaging capabilities.
The softwares mentioned are not free of charge. But if you’re hesitant, we recommend you partake in the product trials that they offer. Sometime the trials are a small fee, but it’s worth it to see how they can help.
Summary :
eBay Analytics is one of the best tools out there to help your eBay business grow. It only depends on how you use it. Use as much help from other software to enhance your analytics strategies. Soon enough, your listings will be the superstar of every product search on eBay!
Have you tried using eBay Analytics before? If you have tried it before, please feel free to share your experiences in a comment below. For more eBay tips and tricks, please visit our blog today.
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