13 of the Strangest eBay Listings Around the Globe

Let’s have some fun on eBay. Did you know there is a “Weird Stuff” category on eBay? Some people sell the oddest things. Many times these listings get pulled down because they violate eBay’s terms of service but others are just fine and go for sale every day.

Let’s see what we can find, shall we?

eBay may be the perfect place to find a center piece for your coffee table. But, there are listings out there that can only be classified as just plain weird. People try to auction off the strangest items online such as drug-free urine and dirt from the Civil War. These items are just part of the popular eCommerce website’s charm. They set it apart from any other website around and keep things interesting.

Here are some examples of eBay’s wide selection of the most outrageous listings.

1. The First Hollywood Sign For Sale On eBay

Sold for $450, 400, the original Hollywood sign passed its glory to a new owner in November 2005. Dan Bliss, its previous owner, paid six figures for all the gigantic 50-foot-high letters. Before Bliss became its owner for 25 years, he had bought it from a nightclub promoter named Hank Berger. Berger purchased the sign from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce where it first went on sale.

The sign is famous for promoting the Hollywoodland Real Estate Group. It stood for a good 26 years from 1923 to 1949. Due to maintenance works, the sign had the last four of its letters stripped off.

Under Bliss’ care, chunks of the Hollywood sign’s letters became jewelry or were framed. Each necklace cost about $43.99, the framed sign chunks ranging from $59.99 to $749.


2. A Sports Car Worth 77 Cents For Sale on eBay

If you happened to see this eBay listing, wouldn’t you proceed to checkout at once, too? In June 2005, a British radio station DJ’s Lotus Esprit Turbo sports car sold for 77 cents on eBay. The listing, created by his enraged wife, came to being after the DJ’s cheeky remarks. The eccentric DJ was interviewing a famous model when he commented how he was ready to leave his family for her. The statement caused distress to his wife, prompting her to dispose of the alleged sports car. On the listing, it stated that the car needed to go within two to three hours before her husband gets home.

The sports car is her husband’s most beloved possession, making it the perfect tool for retribution.

In under 5 minutes, the sports car sold for a measly amount of 77 cents to the dismay of the DJ. He managed to buy it back for $7, 500 after apologizing to his then wife on television.

3. The Royal Wedding Hat of Princess Beatrice

For the benefit of relief organizations such as Children in Crisis and UNICEF, Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat went on sale. The princess wore the famous hat during the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Its previous owner was not the only thing that caught the attention of the masses, but the hat’s weird shape. Some claimed it looked like a toilet seat with ribbons, others say it resembled an octopus. You’ll have to Google it to see what we mean. In the end, the hat sold for $131,648.

4. A Toasted Cheese Sandwich Bearing the Virgin Mary’s Image

Sold for $28,000, a toasted cheese sandwich became an internet sensation in 2004. The listing received about 1.7 million hits during the duration of its auction. The decade-old sandwich bears the image of the Virgin Mary, making it a mystery to millions of Catholic devotees. Diane Duyser, the person who made the sandwich, claims that it brings luck. Incredible episodes of luck such as winning $70,000 at a casino in Florida is one of Duyser’s proofs of it. The sandwich doesn’t show any signs of decay even though its plastic storage box is its only defense against the elements.

Goldenpalace.com, the winning bidder, intends to take it on a tour around the globe. After its world tour, the online casino will be auctioning it off, its proceeds going to charity.

5. Justin Timberlake’s Leftover Toast For Sale on eBay

The pastry department seems to rule the world of eBay when it comes to food most likely to sell off immediately. With the aid of Justin Timberlake’s star magic, two slices of French toast sold for $1,025 on eBay. A 19-year-old fan of Timberlake won the bidding and purchased the pieces of bread off the auction.

6. Ten Twinkies In a Box For Sale on eBay

You might be thinking, what’s special about that eBay listing? Well, it would be if you were in the middle of the crisis involving the news of Hostess’ closing due to bankruptcy. The unexpected news launched thousands of Twinkies fans into panic buying. Many of them turned to eBay for comfort. A box containing ten Twinkies usually sells for $4.29, but the craze had escalated it to the price of $59.99. Many followed, selling boxes for $100 or more to interested Twinkie hoarders.

7. Ad Space On a Human Forehead For Sale on eBay

You’ve read it right. Someone sold the space on their forehead to sell something. Kari Smith secured her son’s college fund by turning herself into a human billboard. Smith succeeded by having the winning bidder tattoo their slogan on her forehead. GoldenPalace.com, the same company who bought the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich, bagged the deal. Smith then received her asking price of $10,000.

Like Smith, Andrew Fischer, a web developer, offered the similar service. This time, to a company called, “SnoreStop”.

8. Haunted Items for Sale on eBay

eBay defines the word “crazy” by showcasing listings of the supernatural kind. A jar containing a ghost which sold for $56,000, took eBay by storm.  The auction closed at $55,992, but the winning bidder never paid for it for some unknown reason. Another supernatural item that went up for auction was a haunted rubber duck toy. A pastor has even intervened with the rubber duck after it started displaying strange activities. This toy earned 41 bids and sold for $107.50.

9. A Human Liver for Sale on eBay

A man from Florida took eCommerce to a new level as he auctioned off his liver online. The bids went up to $5.7 million coming from those in extreme need of organ donations. Desperate clients felt down as the listing did not push through until the end. eBay took it down as it violated one of their rules against auctioning human body parts.

10. A Friend For Rent

Why buy a single liver when you can rent out a friend you can talk to and share your deepest, darkest secrets with? Worry no more as you can rent out a friend  for 3 whole months from eBay. This eBay listing sold for $1,500.

11. Someone’s Sense of Humor (no joke!)

Tired of not being the life of the party? Someone auctioned off his own sense of humor on eBay. The winning bid amounted to $10 along with a 10% discount. The auctioneer mentioned that the purpose of selling it was because his family and friends were begging him to get rid of it. To make the listing even funnier, he included product warning hazards that warns bidders not to ingest it, use it as a life-saving flotation device, or use it on domestic animals.

12. A Stranger’s Dignity

Joining the irony train with the sense of humor eBay listing is an auction for someone’s dignity. It sold for $10, the winner receiving a sheet of paper with the words, “My Dignity”, printed across it. As if it wasn’t funny enough, the auctioneer’s signature is also scribbled on the paper.

13. The Internet for Sale on eBay

A prankster posted an eBay listing selling the entirety of the world wide web. The starting bid was $1 million, whereas it would cost trillions of dollars, perhaps even more!

Whether it’s a person’s whole life, an entire city, or something you would have never expected to go on sale, eBay has room for all of them. Can’t get enough of these crazy listings? Visit eBay’s “Everything Else” section, a listing paradise for anyone who’s into weird products that are way out of the ordinary. Check it out here.

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