Additional Options for Getting eBay Customer Support

eBay customer support proves to be difficult at times and hard to reach.

eBay has even stripped sellers of several contact methods we previously had.

Here are the customer service options eBay has had in the past and offers currently so you can make sure you are getting the support you need to grow your business and solve your issues along the way.

Does eBay Have an Email Support Address?

Customers before were able to contact eBay using their own email address without going to the website. This method was convenient and you didnt have to wait in some queue to get help. This option is long gone so don’t expect to be able to email eBay support.

Does eBay Support have Live Chat?

Getting responses in real time was possible in the past for eBay customers. But for some reason, links to the live chat web page were hidden in the help pages and then completely removed. So… no live chat.

I’m not really sure for the reasoning behind this. Everyone offers Live Chat… except eBay. So since we have no choice. Forget Live Chat.


The eBay Customer Service Page…

Also known as eBay’s Automated Customer Support System, the customer service page provides answers to the most common questions. Along with a chart-like option for contacts, this page allows you to resolve the following popular issues for buyers and sellers:

  1. Didn’t receive an item
  2. Returns on eBay
  3. Postage and tracking
  4. Buying as a guest on eBay
  5. Paying for items
  6. How to retract a bid
  7. Cancel an order
  8. Forgot username or password
  9. eBay fees, billing and invoices

Issues are also sorted into the following categories in a web-like structure at the Contact Us page:

  1. Buying
  2. Selling
  3. Account
  4. Returns
  5. Fees and Billing

Each category provides subcategories along with links that lead to specific eBay help pages. However, contact options like emailing and calling are not clickable unless you pick the correct category and issue. This limitation is another proof of eBay’s attempt to avoid helping it’s sellers.

Since this is really the only option for contacting eBay directly, you’ll have to jump through their hoops. visit the page here. You’ll be able to either call eBay or have them call you… by phone. No email and no chat. 

Does eBay Have a FAQ Section?

Sort of. You can browse through their Knowledge Base of commonly asked questions that have been created by the community but curated by eBay employees. Unlike the eBay Customer Service page, the responses come from fellow eBay buyers and sellers. Only registered eBay members can post and browse questions through this community. This is a good place to find answers especially if you’ve exhausted all the resources on the automated customer support system. The issue you’re resolving may have existing answers here, so enter common keywords.

If your question has no existing answers, post it on the page and wait for community members to respond. Most of the members who actively respond to inquiries are experienced, so expect to get helpful advice. Also, some of the members who respond to questions are eBay staffers themselves.

Does eBay Have Discussion Boards?

Yes they do. They have a community. eBay’s Discussion Boards present multiple options for finding helpful answers. The inquiries and answers on the discussion boards are posted by the community members.  Thousands of posts for different categories are available at this page. These categories include Inside eBay, Product Categories, Buying and Selling, and New to eBay.

The eBay discussion board are divided into the following subcategories:

1.Buying and Selling

  • Bidding and Buying
  • My Account
  • New Advanced Listing Tool
  • Payments
  • Seller Hub
  • Selling
  • Shipping and Returns
  • Tools and Apps


  • Collectibles and Art
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Home and Garden
  • Motors
  • Product Discussions
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys and Hobbies

3.Inside eBay

  • [Current Year] Fall Seller Update
  • Building A Better Online Community
  • Community Platform Feedback
  • eBay Radio
  • Technical Issues
  • Weekly Chat with eBay Staff

4. New to eBay

  • Buying and Selling Basics
  • eBay Selling Coaches and Classes
  • Getting Started
  • Starting an eBay Business

How Do I Open a Dispute?

If your question or concern has something to do with a current dispute with a buyer, open a dispute. To do this, use eBay’s automated dispute form here. eBay will receive a notification of the dispute and a staffer will act as a mediator and resolve the case. Filing disputes help eBay become a reputable marketplace. If you are filing as a seller make sure you have done everything you can to solve the solution on your own because eBay will often side with the buyer and certain disputes can put a dent on your account ratings.

Where Else Can I Get Help?

Social media websites such as Facebook and Quora may provide solutions to your inquiries. On Facebook, you can search for groups and pages where eBay matters are discussed and other sellers on eBay can help you and provide support. Popular eBay Facebook pages include EBAY thriftersThe Power of the eBay Community, and eBay Selling Tips. Using your personal or business Facebook account, you can join and contribute to these pages. Quora presents the same opportunity but in a more professional way. Staff and official sellers from eBay contribute to related posts, making answers professional. You can even promote your eBay business through Quora as well if your store offers some sort of solution to a problem or question. You can do this by answering questions and including your store’s name on your profile.


Due to eBay’s limited help offers, finding the answer to your issue on your own becomes a required skill needed if you want to survive on eBay. Read through all the eBay policies and guidelines and sift through the knowledge base. Having a group of like minded sellers on Facebook you can confide in is also advised.

Have you tried any of the customer support alternatives we’ve listed? If you have, tell us in a comment below.

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