Boosting Your Visibility Using eBay SEO Keywords

Using eBay SEO keywords help maximize your listings’ visibility But if you’re wondering about the best ways to start, Today, we show you how… eBay is an eCommerce platform that has provided people with almost everything they need. While this fact is a convenience for buyers, it’s considered competition for sellers. Since eBay has long […]

Questions to Ask Your Potential Alibaba Suppliers

Alibaba is a great online platform to look for potential suppliers from Mainland China.   But what questions do you need to ask potential Alibaba suppliers?   Today we show you what they are…   Let’s say you’ve completed your search for the best potential suppliers. Making contact with them is next. Suppliers, especially Gold […]

15 Things You Did Not Know About Alibaba

Alibaba has made quite the achievement over the past few years   But do you know the facts that make Alibaba an overachiever?   Here are some lesser known facts about China’s most popular eCommerce website…   Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma, had humble beginnings   Before becoming one of China’s most successful businessmen, Jack Ma was […]

10 Common eBay Keywords Title Mistakes Sellers Make

Some eBay listings, no matter how good their eBay keywords are, have low conversion rates.   A popular reason behind this is because sellers are titling their listings wrong.   Here’s some of the eBay listing title mistakes you might be guilty of…   #1 Not including valuable keywords in your title   Displaying important […]

4 Free eBay Listing Template Websites

We all know that selling goods on eBay is not as easy as 1-2-3. You will come across many challenges before you can even make a single sale. One of the challenges that any eBay seller will come across is building a nice looking template for your listings.

Could you use some help with your templates?