How To Make Your eBay Listings Pop (With Bold Red Text)

Have you ever wondered how other sellers seem to be able to litter their listings with eye-grabbing RED text and red icons?

Well wonder no more. Today, we are going to reveal all the dirty secrets of how to make your listings bleed with red and earn you more buyer attention!

Marking Down Your Listings Using Anchoring

This tactic is sales 101. You’ve seen it everywhere. Retailers can’t live without anchoring. There is a crossed out original or list price followed by a sale or discount price. It makes the buyer believe they are getting a deal by anchoring the price of the item to a value higher than they are paying.

You should be discounting ALL your items using the markdown manager on eBay. Just raise the price by X% and then run a markdown campaign for x% and like magic your listing now looks like this one… Anchoring in full effect at 10% off.


Create Scarcity

In Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psycology of Persuasion”, one of his main principles is “Scarcity”. It’s basic supply and demand. If a user thinks the item is rare, they will not hesitate to buy it, even at a greater price. They do not want to miss out.

To create scarcity on eBay, it is quite simple as eBay does all the work for you. All you have to do is change the quantity available on an item that you have previously sold to 1. Thats’s it. Now, if you have a hot selling item this may be a bad tactic since you will risk the item being listed out of stock and miss out on sales. But, if you have software that can update your inventory or you only get maybe one sale per day, this is a great tactic. Once you do this to your listing,  eBay will make your item bleed in red like this… The big red triangle AND “Only 1 left!“. Now that’s RED hot!


Sell More And Age Your Listing with Social Proof

If you sell the same item often, don’t ever cancel your listings. Instead, keep re-using the same listing by replenishing the quantity. Keep your listings aged and alive. The more you sell on a single listing, the more social proof eBay applies to your listing and the higher you rank in the search results.

eBay will automagically show either the number sold or the total number of people watching to the listing. Either stat is good for you as it makes your listings bleed with more RED text. Now granted there is probably a lot more psychology going on in this example below but look at those beautiful RED letters making this listing pop!! “720 sold”


Bonus Points: FAST N’ FREE

If your eBay business model allows you to use the “Fast ‘n Free” feature on eBay, do it! You will crush your competition if your eBay listing looks like this one below and does all 4 things listing in this article.

I had to scroll through over 150 items to find this gem that is applying Anchoring, Scarcity, Social Proof, and FAST ‘N FREE all at once. And this is before you even click through to their listing.


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