11 Methods To Funnel More Traffic To Your eBay Store

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Think your eBay listings aren’t getting enough traffic?

Don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of surefire ways to get your eBay business the attention it deserves.

All you need to do is…

1. Online Shoppers Are Lazy. Make it Easy for Them!

Most people shopping online are shopping online because it is convenient for them NOT for you. The very act of shopping online is a lazy one. You click a couple buttons and the package arrives magically at your doorstep.

Buyers rarely check beyond the first few pages of a product search’s results. This is why standing out from the rest of the listings is very important when selling on eBay. Even with nicely photographed images and an SEO-rich description, if your eBay listing isn’t on top of the results page, all those favorable elements are not worth much. We wrote an article about this subject How To Make Your eBay Listings Pop (With Bold Red Text).

2. Optimize for Buyers NOT Window Shoppers

Shoppers and Buyers? Aren’t those the same thing?

It may seem like they are, but they’re not. Here’s a closer look on how they differ…

eBay Window Shopper

  • Visits eBay without any product to purchase in mind
  • Spends hours looking through eBay listings
  • Puts items in their shopping cart or watchlist and keeps them there
  • Highly unlikely to make a purchase

 eBay Buyer

  • Comes to eBay with a specific item in mind
  • Intends to spend money on eBay
  • Inputs specific keywords on eBay’s search bar
  • Spends little time comparing prices
  • Makes purchase

In order to close more buyers you need to get these people to impulse click and impulse buy. Following the previously mention article will also help with this. How To Make Your eBay Listings Pop (With Bold Red Text).

3. Get to Know eBay’s New Algorithm

In 2013, eBay released a new algorithm called, “Cassini”. Replacing the old platform, “Voyager”, this algorithm no longer displays listings that are set to finish the soonest on the first page of the results.

During its golden days, Voyager allowed users to dominate eBay’s search with multiple listings of the same product using different titles. With Cassini on board with eBay’s new listing policies, that tactic used by old school eBay sellers is no longer viable.

The Cassini algorithm is enhanced with keyword relevance capabilities. It not only searches keywords in your listing titles, but it also ranks your listing on performance. If your listing has a higher sales conversion and keeps potential buyers engaged longer, it would most likely appear at the first page of eBay search results over another listing that has no sales.

If you sell an item keep your listing alive. Make use of GTC (Good ‘Till Cancelled) and the Out of Stock Inventory Control capability settings. With GTC, a listing can have its sales history retained which helps you rank higher over time as you gain sales. Price is the least of your concerns. A higher priced item can sell all day if it attracts more buyer attention. Build up your sales count and you will build up your ranking.

The Out of Stock Inventory Control feature allows your listing to stay live even if you run out of stock. In the past, the Voyager algorithm ends listings automatically once stock ran out, but with the Cassini algorithm, the listing is retained along with sales history and is just marked with “out of stock” while you scramble to get more inventory.

An in-depth background behind the Cassini algorithm was posted on the official blog of eBay’s Vice President of Search, Hugh Williams. Read all about it here. We also wrote an in depth article about this How eBays Best Match Search Algorithm Works (How To Beat It).

4. Establish Your Brand

Personalize your eBay business by establishing your brand. Some of the best ways to do this is by giving it the professional touch that only logos and banners can give. An eBay store with an established brand makes it far easier to trust than those that don’t. Create memorable name. Get a nice logo made. Use a template that makes your listing look modern and professional and put your brand name and logo all over it. To achieve this, make use of eBay tools that can enhance your listings visually. You can find some tools available for template building, and listing automation.

5. Build an Emotional Connection with Buyers

Promote yourself on your eBay business’ “About Me” page by giving your customers an idea about who you are. A story behind what inspired you to open your eBay store can also help them connect them with you. By doing these things, you are establishing an emotional connection with your buyer.

In your listing description list the features at the bottom. At the top, tell a story. Help the buyer visualize using the item. How will it make their life easier? Don’t sell them with features. Sell them wth benefits and get them emotional.

Another good idea is to send your established customers a scheduled newsletter. Your newsletter can feature discounts, promotions, or seasonal items. You can also share your story and build a relationship with your buyers. For this task, you can either ask for the help of an email marketing service or you can look into using eBay’s tools as well.

6. Use Social Media To Build A Following (and Sales)

Don’t spam social media with your eBay links. That is not how sales is done. You have to warm them up. Here is an example. Let’s say you sell Remote Control Car parts on eBay. Start a Youtube channel and start posting videos about RC Cars. Then in your video description post a link to your stores. Provide educational or entertainment to your buyers and they will like you and buy from you.

You could also start a Facebook group where people talk about RC Cars. Again don’t spam your links. Just put a graphic on the top that says “sponsored by YourStoreName” and make sure it focuses on RC Talk fun.

7. Analyze the Product You’re Selling on eBay

You may have figured out what to sell on eBay, but is it good enough? If you didn’t pick the right product to sell, there’s no use trying to do the other tips listed. Before you invest your time, analyze your product and it’s fit in the market place. Are there even enough buyers out there to any money selling this thing? What makes a product favorable?

Here are some of the qualities that differentiate a favorable item from an unfavorable one:

Best eBay Products To Sell:

  • An active market exists (based on keyword research and previous eBay sales)
  • Hobbyists need or want it (tons of social media groups exist)
  • Aspiring amateurs love, want, or need it (more social media groups exist)
  • You are interested in selling this product (not required but makes life more exciting)
  • Item is either common (like a popular brand) or not very common (ie. rare or vintage)
  • Products that people use on a daily or weekly basis (and need refills for)
  • Products used by professionals (and you can find them discounted)
  • Trendy products/brands/styles/fashions/etc.. sold year round
  • Hot seasonal products (that you expect to sell a lot of during the season)

Worst eBay Products To Sell:

  • Market is flooded; prices are insanely too low competition is fierce
  • Market is too small; Not enough buyers
  • Placed under wrong category
  • eBay prohibits and restricts the product
  • UPS/Fedex/USPS restricts the product
  • Damaged or defective items that aren’t explained clearly
  • Items with missing parts or items that could lose parts or break during shipping
  • Products that are so unique, no one but the seller knows anything about them
  • No one is interested in purchasing it
  • No one is interested in using it
  • You aren’t getting and page view on your listing at all; no demand

8. Improve Your eBay Listing’s Keywords

Your eBay listing’s title, brand, model, and description is what the algorithm will pick up to determine where to fit you in the search results. As explained under this article’s brief explanation of the Cassini algorithm, keywords that the customer inputs on the search bar will be searched not just from the listings’ titles, but through their descriptions as well. Knowing this information, you should make your title and description count. There are several eBay keyword tools available online for free or minimum fees that can help you achieve this. Among these eBay tools include Google Keyword Planner, Terapeak, Keyword Tool Dominator, and Title Builder.

Here are a few things you need to consider for every part of your listing that requires SEO-rich keywords:

  • Description: Writing a good description is similar to having a good salesperson in your store. Learn about how to write good sales copy. Sell the benefits. Share a story. Make it stand out. Craft your product descriptions with accuracy. Spelling mistakes can turn your customer off. Include all of your product’s details such as its specifications, what’s included inside the box, and the item’s condition. Be sure to always pinpoint your eBay business policies such as your terms and conditions, payment options, and shipments details. If buyers keep asking you the same questions, add their concerns to your listing. Make sure all the details are clear and can be understood from your customer’s point of view. Answer their questions and sell the benefits!

9. Create Visual Appeal for Your eBay Store

The first thing you get on eBay isn’t your buyers’ wallets. It’s their eyes! Give them the visual delight they deserve.  Make your eBay listing a wonderland filled with clear pictures that visually pop of the screen. An attractive product photo can help you earn more clicks, more interest, and more sales. Need more guidelines on how to create product photos that draw attention? Read through our full article here.

10. Make Your eBay Pricing Competitive

Coupons are a good way to catch your customer’s attention. Discounted items always attracts customers as it makes them feel as if they’re saving money and getting a good value out of their purchase. Spread the word of discounted items from your eBay store by informing them through newsletters, emails, and including it on the product title and description itself. Even if you can NOT beat the competition’s pricing, you can still use price psychology to make the buyer feel like they received a good deal.

11. Lure Customers In With Free Stuff

“The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If a potential buyer sees an eBay listing with a free item or service bundled with the product they’re looking for, they’re bound to check that listing out.

Don’t just offer any kind of product for free. Offer something that complements the product. A good example of this is offering a piece or two of decorative candles for free together with a candle holder you are selling. It instantly gives the buyer a sense of practicality upon purchasing your deal as there’s already a product they can use together with what they just bought. There is no limit to the kind of “bundles” you can create. Offer more and charge more!

Offer free shipping. Just add your average shipping expense to the price. With free shipping, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors who haven’t figured out this trick yet. People like the word FREE.


Increasing traffic for your eBay business can be quite tricky. But once you’ve got the hang of optimizing your eBay listings for that purpose, you may just outpace the competition. The key to increasing traffic doesn’t rely on the lowest price. eBay looks at many things. So do a lot of little things and they will all add up in the long run. Equip your eBay store with the best eBay tools and you’ll be sure to achieve more traffic in no time!

Do you have any other methods on driving traffic to your eBay listings? Feel free to share it with us in a comment!

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