30+ eBay Listing Hacks You Can Apply Today To Get Better Rankings

An eBay listing hack is just simply any tweak or technique you can apply to a listing that will help your listing get more views on eBay.

eBay has a ranking algorithm to sort and display your listings to potential buyers.

This list of hacks will give you the edge you need to top your competition and rank you higher on that algorithm.

eBay Title Hacks

  1. Title Format: We won’t cover the perfect format in this post. We wrote an entire article about the Ultimate eBay Listing Title where we compiled a summary of our research scanning over one million listing titles.
  2. Keywords That Sell: Use Google’s free Keyword Planner to find keywords that have 1000+ monthly searches and use those keywords in your titles and description.

eBay Image Hacks

Here is a simple list of image hacks you can apply to make your photos POP off the page!

  1. Crop white space: 95% of eBay sellers do NOT do this. By just cropping the extra white space around your main photo, you item will look bigger. Perception in the mind of the buyer will be that “bigger is better”.
  2. Brightness/Contrast: If yo have Photoshop or Gimp or any other photo editing program, consider taking a tutorial on how to modify the brightness and contrast of your photo. It’s really quite simple to do. Don’t go overboard. Just add some subtle contrast to make your photo stand out just that much more than your competitors.
  3. Add a watermark like your brand in the corner. You are allowed a 50% transpaerent watermark on your photos. Consider putting in the bottom left. When a buyer is scrolling through hundreds of items a little mark in the corner of the white space will grab their eye and that is all it’s suppose to do. Grab more attention.

We also wrote a few more dedicated articles on creating and optimizing your photos for the best possible engagement.

eBay Description and Template Hacks

  1. Templates: Use a template. If you aren’t HTML savvy, find a service that can help you build a custom template for your listings like rivalripper.com and use it. the better looking your listing is, the more trust you will build in your buyer.
  2. Branding: Show your brand and logo in your template. You can a nice logo on fiverr.com for $5. there is no excuse to not have a nice company logo these days.
  3. Company Tag Line/Header Graphic: Create a header with your logo and show this banner at the top of all your listings. Come up with a catchy phrase. For example, if you sell iPhone cases and your company sells reliable cases, say “The Most Reliable iPhone Case on the Market”. Again you can find someone on fiverr.com to make this graphic for you and just use it in your template.
  4. More Full Size Photos: Many buyers are too lazy to click the eBay photo thumbnails at the top of the listing. Instead show of additional photos in your listing description as part of your template.
  5. Bullets and Benefits: Use bullet points to show off your selling points. Sell your item with benefits NOT features. Nobody cares that your weed wacker has the highest RPM on the market. What they do care about is, what can the weed wacker with the highest RPM do for them? Will it shred a tree stump? YES! Sell the benefit, not the feature! Help the buyer visualize your product in their hands. Story tell! It works.
  6. Your Policies: State them clearly and simply. This includes the Payment, Shipping, and Return policies.
  7. The Guarantee: Can you offer any guarantees? Like money back if not satisfied? Most people never return items but when they are looking to buy they want to some sort of guarantee.
  8. Testimonials: An easy way to do this is to scroll over your eBay feedback and take screenshots of your best feedback. Then include them in your listing so buyers know that you are the “Best dang seller on eBay!! A+”
  9. Cross Sell: Do you sell complementary items? Show them in your description. Do you sell other variations? Cross Sell them in your description. eBay distracts buyers by showing them your competitors. Give the buyer an extra reason to go with you by letting them know you can give them everything they need.

eBay Pricing Hacks

We wrote a dedicated article on pricing hacks. Ever see red text and icons randomly appearing while browsing eBay? Red is good! Chances are that these sellers are using the pricing hacks listed in this article. We have compiled a list of all the ways you can get more RED to show up on your listings. The more RED you can get on your listing, the more likely your listing will catch the buyers eye. See eBay pricing hacks.

eBay Feedback Hacks

  1. Automated Feedback: The first feedback hack is actually a feature available to eBay Selling Manager Pro subscribers. You can login to your eBay account and setup a list of feedbacks to provide to your buyers automatically either after item has been purchased, or after the buyer has left you positive feedback. We recommend just setting it to after purchase because it sends the buyer a notification that feedback was left and entices them to leave feedback for you before anything bad occurs. Set it and forget it. It is one less thing you have to do. Let the other sellers figure out who the bad buyers are. You can check your Automation settings by following this ebay automation tutorial.
  2. Bulk Feedback Editing: If you do not have Selling Manager Pro yet, you can still setup a list of feedbacks to choose from and you can bulk update 200 at a time by following this leaving bulk feedback tutorial.
  3. Easy Positive Feedback: Sell more items! If you are in the business of selling expensive items then you need to consider off-setting your account with some much smaller cheaper items. Just sell them cheap and break even and rack up that easy feedback because you will need it in order to sell those big bulky items.
  4. Removing Negative Feedback: Did you know that you can get negative feedback removed? Well yes and no. There are a certain set of scenarios where you can get feedback adjusted. You can read the negative feedback removal guidelines. Basically if the reason for the negative feedback is not your fault, you can usually get it modified and/or removed.


You do not have to go crazy with these hacks. One little hack might not do much but applying at least half of these will put you in the ranks of the top 90% of Power Sellers. If you apply all of these hacks then you are easily in the top 99%. Remember that most sellers are lazy. Put in the extra work and it will pay off.

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