30+ eBay Listing Hacks You Can Apply Today To Get Better Rankings

A listing hack is just simply any tweak or technique you can apply to a listing that will help your listing get more views on eBay.

eBay has a ranking algorithm to sort and display your listings to potential buyers.

This list of hacks will give you the edge you need to top your competition and rank you higher on that algorithm.

How eBay’s Best Match Search Algorithm Works (How To Beat It)

Ever wonder about how eBay’s sorts and filters it’s millions upon millions of results? Ever wonder why your listings seem to move up or down in the search results?

Well, we have done some research and analyzed our findings from over a million+ of eBay search results.

This is a bulleted list of how we believe the algorithm operates and what you can do to get more traffic to your listings.

A List of eBay Live, eBay Conventions & Other e-Commerce Trade Shows

  • June 22nd, 2016
  • Tips

Owning your own business requires a lot of attention and dedication. If you feel as if you are getting worn out, a convention is a great way to re-inspire your drive and motivation. Many of these shows occur once or twice per year so there is no excuse for missing out.

Here are just a few of the conventions coming this year that could revamp your outlook on your business and give you the tools you need to succeed.

7 eBay Blogs For Online Sellers You Should Be Reading

eBay is a constantly changing ecosystem and the top sellers seem to be the first ones to adapt to new changes. It can be a full time job implementing new eBay recommendations. Promotions, seller standards, listing variation, and other updates seem to arrive often. So if you run an e-commerce business, here is a list of eBay blogs and newsletters to help you stay on top of the markets.

13 eBay Photography Tips That Will Triple Your Sales

The first thing people notice when browsing is your eBay photography (ie. your images).

You want to make sure your image stands out from the crowd and you want to make sure your image does not break any eBay guidelines or policies.

Try these strategies below to increase your click through rates on your products.

How To Pick A Camera For Your Online eCommerce Business

  • June 1st, 2015
  • Tips

This article is for small business owners that want to start creating their own photos or videos for their eCommerce inventory.

There is a lot more to taking professional photos than just snapping a button. I want my gear to be able to travel well and be able to produce video, photos, and audio on the go.

Here is some research I did on my last shopping spree for my ecommerce business camera.

eBay Listing Software That Saved Me $200 a Month In eBay Seller Fees

  • May 5th, 2015
  • Tips

Over the years I picked up a little bit of computer programming skills. I am not a professional coder but I had an idea and I needed some tools to help organize my eBay listings.

I started hacking away and I came up with some basic tools that helped me. Over the past couple years I have hired some professional and experienced developers to turn my ideas in to a full fledged system.

This is how I used them to save $200 worth of eBay seller fees in five minutes!

How I Grew My eCommerce Business 340% With eBay

  • April 17th, 2015
  • Tips

Maybe I should have named this post, “How a Man Whose Name No One Can Pronounce Grew His eCommerce Business 340% With eBay”. If you have been reading our blog at all you will know that my name is Yuan (pronounced Yawn) like the Chinese word for money. You wouldn’t be able to tell from just looking at my name but I grew up in Minnesota. My name might be Asian but I have lived in the USA my entire life and have been running my own eCommerce business for years. Once I got on eBay, my business exploded.